Schwarzkopf BC Excellium Plumping with Q10+ Collagen

For fine & coloured mature hair

BC EXCELLIUM Plumping with Q10 and Collagen offers a full care range for fine mature hair. The plumping range:

  • Bodifies, refills and strengthens limp hair
  • Helps to preserve colour
  • Helps to improve elasticity and support shape
  • Energises the hair roots for re-plumped hair


 A substance detectable in every human cell and indispensable for the energy production in the respiratory chain, powerful co-enzyme Q10+ stimulates the hair root to reactivate keratin production. Collagen is a natural protein comprised of polypeptide chais. Collagen present in the skin is responsible for elasticity, shape and strength. These formulas penetrate into the hair, refilling and strengthening the structure of every hair strand.

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